A successful online strategy begins with your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Tag & Index

AttorneyatLaw.com’s entry level Tag & Index search engine marketing product is geared toward getting your firm’s website indexed for the proper keywords. More »

Basic Search Engine Optimization

AttorneyatLaw.com’s Basic SEO program is aimed at obtaining high natural rankings on specific keywords for small to midsize firms. More »

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

AttorneyatLaw.com’s Advanced SEO programs are customized to accomplish the specific practice development goals of your firm. Advanced SEO includes both “onsite optimization” and “offsite optimization” components in order to achieve top results. Advanced SEO is often appropriate for firms with aggressive online marketing goals for multiple legal topics. More »

Strategic Media Buying

Pay Per Click Search Media

Pay Per Click media campaigns have become an integral part of many law firms’ marketing plans. AttorneyatLaw.com’s PPC management services include campaign setup, keyword consulting, bid management, budget recommendations, ROI/measurement and lead management.

Pay Per Click Content Media

Content-based advertising has become an important part of the media mix for many legal topics. Online publishers offering content advertising services allow law firms to market to users who may not be actively searching for particular keywords. AttorneyatLaw.com provides campaign setup, keyword consulting, bid management, budget recommendations, ROI/measurement and lead management for content advertising campaigns. Google and Yahoo offer content ads, and AttorneyatLaw.com works with multiple media outlets to help firms target with higher degrees of specificity.

Customized Media Planning

While PPC search and PPC content marketing have become integral components of most firms’ online marketing strategies, there are a host of other media products that can significantly assist law firms seeking an even greater online advertising presence. Our team of media buyers will tailor media campaigns specifically to your firm’s goals.

Press Release Services

AttorneyatLaw.com’s public relations team positions your firm’s message with the public and press through strategic public relations campaigns. From single press releases to full annual PR strategies, our team helps you communicate your firm’s news, achievements, case filings and decisions at the right time, to the right media outlets, and with the right angle. More »

How successful is your online strategy?

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