Developing PR Strategies to Enhance Your Firm’s Visibility

Customized solutions

Firms of all sizes and in all practice areas turn to Some are experienced marketing veterans with sophisticated websites, and others are sole practitioners just beginning to develop a web presence. Our suite of products enables us to customize solutions based on a firm’s needs and goals. We realize that our larger competitors are over-productized and that simple modifications to a program or campaign often cost much more than they should. At, we analyze your goals and devise a suitable program. What’s more, we understand that the needs and goals of law firms change rapidly due to the constantly evolving legal field. We can modify your program at any time to allow your firm to remain ahead of the legal curve.

Products with purpose

Your website and marketing program with will be guided by our strong belief that all programs should have a purpose. We want you to get results, and everything we do is approached with the goal of growing your practice, bringing in case leads, and increasing your visibility online.

Every piece of the puzzle matters

At, we believe that every piece of your online puzzle matters in your firm’s overall growth equation. What does this mean? Simply that ignoring one piece may impact your overall success. We put thought into every step that a user experiences on his/her path to become a client of your firm.

Everything that happens pre-click is vital.

Search engine rankings, pay per click advertising, content and demographic advertising: these will ensure that users find your firm’s site in the crowd.

Everything that happens post-click is vital.

Relevant and ample site content, clear paths to conversion, lead follow up, client email communication: these elements contribute to your new client conversion rate and overall firm for a custom quote - and don’t be surprised if our fees are 25 to 50 percent less than our well-known competitors.