Advanced Targeting Solutions to Generate Qualified Case Leads

Targeted Client Generation is a leader in targeted client generation for lawyers. Finding a qualified new client can sometimes seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. If only there were a way to connect with the exact people who need your firm’s legal services. Now, with’s innovative marketing solutions, client generation is a whole lot more effective.

Mindset Targeting

Mindset targeting reaches people who are in the mindset of searching for your services and likely have an immediate need for a lawyer in your practice area. Search engine marketing is the most well known type of mindset targeting, but utilizes other types of online media including behavioral targeting, interest targeting, URL targeting and content targeting.

Geographic Targeting

Geographic targeting, or geotargeting, allows you to reach a local audience for the areas of practice that are specific to your state or region. An example is a personal injury attorney who seeks local car accident cases. Other cases, such as mass torts, can be targeted on a national level. The combination of geotargeting with mindset targeting can increase the quality of your case leads. Geotargeting is accomplished through IP address targeting, city/state/region targeting, and keyword targeting.

Demographic Targeting

For many legal topics, the typical client falls into certain demographic categories. For these topics, targeting by age, gender, occupation, and other demographics can produce qualified case leads. Combining demographic targeting with mindset targeting and/or geotargeting can dramatically increase the quality of case leads.

Targeted Website Content

Precise targeting on the media side is most successful when users find relevant content on your website. Providing content that is relevant to the user’s keyword search, location, demographics or all of the above can produce top conversion rates. For example, if a user searches for “family lawyer los angeles ca,” (s)he should find information about your firm’s family law services in Los Angeles on the landing page. Providing relevant information to prospective clients at the right time goes hand in hand with precise media targeting.

Campaign Timing

The timing of a targeted marketing campaign is integral to its success.’s turnkey solutions can be implemented in time to give your firm the edge on new legal topics. We allow you to be responsive to the continually changing legal landscape and can often have campaigns and accompanying websites live in a fraction of the time it can take our competitors.

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