Practice Areas

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Bankruptcy lawyers deal with lenders and borrowers to reduce or eliminate debts. Acting financial advisors, bankruptcy attorneys handle property liquidation, repayment plans and other financial liability processes.



A DUI lawyer has state law expertise for clients charged with driving under the influence. Similar to criminal defense, DUI attorneys handle pretrial negotiations, evidentiary hearings, plea bargains and more.


Auto Accidents

Auto accident lawyers investigate fault, accident details, police reports, witness statements and proof of damages. Car accident attorneys negotiate insurance settlements, medical bills, lost wages, vehicle repair and more.



Divorce lawyers practice a subset of family law dealing with separation of property, alimony, custody and child support. Contested or not, divorce attorneys navigate complex asset separation and emotional hardship.


Mass Torts

Mass tort lawyers represent a group of plaintiffs harmed by the same defendants. Mass tort attorneys oversee consolidation, covering a wide variety of subjects including defective drugs, medical devices and consumer products.


Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers navigate the claims process after an accident or injury, collecting necessary evidence and medical information. Personal injury attorneys must identify physical, emotional and psychological damages.


Trust & Estates

Trust & estates lawyers assist with estate planning after death. Often working with the elderly, trusts & estates attorneys oversee wills, trusts, health care directives, probate and financial power of attorney.



Immigration lawyers help clients solve complex visa and citizenship challenges in a difficult set of circumstances. Immigration attorneys must navigate an ever-changing system with a heavy set of administrative tasks.